1 Halcyon Drive, Pimpama
(Take Pimpama Exit 49 off the Pacific Highway
onto Yawalpah Road, turn left/left at McDonalds)

Ph: 61 7 5546 6003

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Mens - 472 metres / Ladies - 436 metres

An awesome hole well fitting into the final stretch home. The number of sad stories and ruined scorecards I've heard because of the 17th are too numerous to count. The tee shot is a little demanding with water left and trees right. The green is reachable in two shots with a good drive played to the left side of the fairway. If you don't have the length to reach perhaps a driver is not necessary as a lay-up shot short of the water is inevitable. Now the fun begins... to go for it or not to go for it?? And... with what club??

A good drive should leave a long or mid iron to the green. It's a very long green and reasonably wide but from the fairway you can clearly see that short is not an option, so "club-up". If you are laying up be sure to err right as a pulled or hooked shot will keep on bouncing towards the very water you're supposed to be laying up from. If the pin is at the front half of the green and you are past the pin, be prepared for a knee-knocker as this is green has the biggest slope on the course. Birdie or even eagle is very attainable but just be sure you attempt shots you are capable and confident of playing or you will be signing for a snowman or even more.

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